Going Green!

Going Green!

Datum: 03-05-2018
Auteur: Donovan van der Weerd

In my first post, I would like to expose the steps that Usb Stick Producer makes to help the climate. Unfortunately, the average organization consumes more than saved. Thanks to the new Wooden Power Bank and USBs, we are doing our bit to put an end to this. With the wooden products we reduce our Carbon Footprint without losing quality on the products for our customers. By reducing our impact on the milleu, we hope to do the same for our customers.

Why go for Green?

In the past years we have received more and more requests about environmentally friendly products. Usb Stick Producent has listened to this and since this year it has been delivering more and more green options that better meet the targets and moral demands of companies.

Wooden Powerbanks

Our environmentally friendly Powerbanks give you the opportunity to show your character: strong, reliable and environmentally conscious. For a total picture of your organization, it is possible to have the company logo printed or engraved on the Power Bank. Our Powerbanks come in three models: Wooden Raft, Wooden Slim and Compact. The advantages of these power banks are; light in weight, a sleek design, lazer engraved and sturdy material.

Wooden USB sticks

Sustainability, environmental awareness and green policy is a trend that has been a hot topic for several years now. A wooden USB stick with a logo fits a green company image and shows who you are: reliable, strong and durable. Make sure you take a look at our range of sustainable USB sticks made of wood, cork or bamboo. It is possible to put your logo on the usb by means of printing or engraving. All our wooden USB sticks with logo are standard equipped with the USB 2.0 technology and available in different storage capacities. Let the USB stick be the ultimate promotional tool by pre-programming it with uploaded data. Currently we have 13 different models to choose from, all with customized options for printing / engraving.

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