Promotionele producten kopen in 6 stappen

Promotionele producten kopen in 6 stappen

Datum: 24-06-2016
Auteur: Kevin
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Time is money says the proverb, but turn it around and you get a precious truth. Money is the time.

- George Gissing


Promotional products can provide a helping hand in carrying out a thorough marketing strategy. When these are used properly, they help to realize a higher brand awareness and put your prospects on the right track with regard to the purchase of your product or services.


1: Choose a goal


Do you want to increase the number of visitors to your website, encourage newsletter submissions, or simply create brand awareness among your target group?


 Do not assume that handing out free promos is the only thing you can do with regard to promotional marketing. Of course, there are plenty of opportunities that require pure brand mention, but always keep your ultimate goal in mind. Do not just be satisfied with the awareness of your target group with regard to your products, but respond appropriately to this awareness to achieve success. Before you start your marketing campaign, make a clear picture of how you want to express your brand in a positive way to your target group.


2: Create a distribution plan


Imagine: you order and receive two thousand personalized key rings, and then look and say to your companion; "what now?"


 Box with key rings 


Well, you have a goal for your marketing campaign, now it's time to decide how you distribute your promotional products to your recipients. If your goal includes boosting recurring business, it is a good idea to add a promo with every purchase. Another goal could be to attract new customers. In that case, distributing free items is an excellent strategy. Some companies buy promotional products without having an idea of ​​what to do with them. Be smart and think first before you do something.


3: Put your target group first


Choose a promotional product that you like, without checking whether your target group will like it. A common mistake!


Always think from the customer's perspective. A quick-to-make mistake is handing out a promo that you find great, without having thought about the needs of your recipients. Always consider what will be well received by your target audience before your promo goes into production.


4: Brand or general design


Almost all owners would first print their company logo on the promos they distribute. Although we always applaud this, it is wise to be careful with showing your logo in the largest font possible. Although this may well be the right strategy for pure brand awareness, it will not be used very rarely.


usb with logo 


People generally do not like to be used as advertising for a company (except for a fashion brand) from which they receive a promo. So instead of displaying your logo as large as possible, try using a funny quote or photo to surprise your target group.


5: Do not come across as a cheap brand


Respect the image of your brand by not taking a cheaper version of a more expensive product.


For example, if you have a budget of € 1 per promo, buy the most qualitative product you can get for € 1, -, instead of a cheaper version to save money. There will always be cheaper versions of the same kind of promo, which will produce the same result. However, do not be disappointed in this, the recipients of your product will see the difference.


6: Take your time


Time is money says the proverb, but turn it around and you get a precious truth. Money is the time.

- George Gissing


Many production factories, such as ours, can handle rush orders easily. But waiting until the last moment can heavily influence the result of your marketing action (or part of it). Urgent orders give you little or no chance to work out the idea and creation process of your promos. So make sure that you have a good idea of ​​what your marketing action will look like, so that you do not end up with undesirable consequences.


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