Goedkope USB-sticks

Cheap USB promotion

The usb webkeys and usb webbuttons are ideal promotional tools to launch your new website or to generate more traffic to your website. Because the web keys and webbuttons do not have an internal memory, they are a lot cheaper than normal USB sticks!

Usb webkey promotion

Our usb webkey looks from the outside on a normal usb stick. However, it does not include internal memory but instead contains a preprogrammed URL link to a website. When you connect the web key to your PC, the website opens immediately. We can program every USB stick from our range as a webkey with your website.

Usb web button promotion

You can also use a web button for the same purpose. Connect the web button to your computer and with a button on the website or your company opens automatically. Our usb web button is also available as a hub. This makes it easy to create multiple USB ports from a single USB port. Extra useful for a pertinent shortage or ports.

USB printing

All usb webkeys and usb webbuttons can be printed with your logo or slogan. However, it depends on the chosen material and your logo or form. After you have received your order, you will be contacted by one of our account managers. They inform you about the options for the web icon or web button.

Would you like to discuss the possibilities for your company or do you have other questions?

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